"Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith."D&C 88:118
In which I postulate as an amateur on all things related to God, Science, Faith, Mental Illness & Religion.
Our Duty Is Our Privilege
Our duty is our privilege. Insincerity vulgarizes its elevated nature.
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On People Pleasing
We can't let the fears of others feed our own doubts when we are about the Father's business.
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The Worth Of A Soul
When God heals you, you will be able to love God in a way that only you and He truly understand. In that way, you can love a part of God that no one else can.
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Free Will
Free will must be defended at all costs.
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God's Love
God loves us such that He will spare no pain to us for the sake of our perfection. His love is perfect & unyielding.
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Kindness Untempered is Cruelty
Kindness is too often used as an excuse to rob love. May we not fall into ruinous empathy and truely love one another.
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Law of The Harvest
You will always reap what you sow. Always.
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Action, Revelation & Obedience
It is better to be wrong and move forward than paralyzed indefinitely. I will learn that I am wrong sooner by acting. A loving Father will reveal to us & course correct our well intentioned mistakes.
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Pain As Expensive & Effective Education
Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Ignoring that signal will only create more damage and consequently more pain.
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Expectations, Disappointments & Trust
As we trust & love God we come to see that our expectations need not be obliterated but rather lifted and submitted to Him. When our expectations, earnestly sought, remain unmet I believe we have reason to thank God for that.
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On Anxiety
Your anxiety could be right. But... it could also be wrong. Dare to believe in your resilience and dare to believe in Him.
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On Suffering
Jesus' empathetic suffering is evidence that our suffering is worthwhile.
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On Sympathy
Don't ever trade happiness for sympathy. You were meant to conquer.
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Obedience to the will of the Father brings peace. Obediences gives us eyes to see truths we would otherwise be blind to.
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